Explanation for Jews

Matzo balls are delicious. Matzo is not. For 8 days every year, some of us give up bread and replace it with this dry, flavorless, mealy cracker. A beautiful commemoration to the plight of our ancestors escaping the bondage of an evil Pharaoh. But what about the other 357 days of the year? Why do we continue to make our delicious soup balls from this inferior cracker?

Bubs are matzo balls made from delicious fully-leavened panko bread crumbs. We set out to create the perfect matzo ball, with complete creative freedom, unshackled from the prohibitions of Pesach. Bubs are like matzo balls, but better in every way.

Explanation for Non-Jews

You may have heard of matzo ball soup, perhaps the most famous staple of Jewish cuisine. It's like chicken noodle soup, but instead of noodles it has delicious seasoned bread balls that soak up the broth. Matzo balls are made of matzo, which is a type of bread that isn't allowed to have any leavening agents, like yeast or baking powder. This results in a dry, flavorless cracker. Jews invented matzo ball soup out of a necessity to turn this bland cracker into something tasty.

But you likely don't care about such necessities or prohibitions. You just want the tastiest version of this iconic dish.

If you've ever been curious about matzo ball soup, but never tried it, now you'll never need to. Bubs are better.