I'm Michael And I Like Soup

One cold day in the dead of winter, I was craving matzo ball soup. But I was living in Austin, TX where this great soup is not readily available. So I called my mom and asked for our family's cherished recipe. "What are you talking about," she said. "Just use the box from the store. Everyone uses the box." After processing my initial shock that one manufacturer controls almost all of the home matzo ball consumption in the US, I set out to find this "box," which proved fairly difficult in Central Texas.

So I Hit The Test Kitchen, Confident I Could Make Something Better Myself

Through meticulous research, I was able to deconstruct what was in this ubiquitous "box." What do each of these ingredients do, why are they necessary, and could they be better?

As It Turns Out, They Could Be Better....With Some Major Changes

Instead of trying to recreate the matzo ball, what if I created something new? Something inspired by the matzo ball, but entirely novel to the soup world. Inspiration struck, matzo meal was replaced with panko, the undisputed king of breadcrumbs, and Bubs were born.

A Recipe Passed Up Through Generations

With a recipe in hand, I placed another call to Mom. Instead of asking for a recipe, I was offering one. "We could keep this monumental innovation as a family secret for ourselves," I said, "or we could share it with the world." Fortunately, in addition to being a matzo ball connoisseur, she is an organizational maestro, and now oversees all fulfillment and logistics for Bubs. Between the two of us, and countless other helping hands, we've made this novel soup ball available for everyone to enjoy.